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Beck Ė Loser (1994)

Even though this is a single for Beckís massive hit Loser itís still one of the best things he ever released. Singles are usually reserved for remixes, b-sides that werenít good enough for the album or live tracks. This, however, features four entirely new songs (albeit one is a reworked version of Soul Suckiní Jerk off Mellow Gold) and all four are fucking awesome. Two (Corvette Bummer and Soul Suckiní Jerk (Reject)) are classic Beck lo-fi rap epics. Just a basic beat with some of the most out-there lyrics Iíve ever heard in my life. ďROCKIN THE TOWN LIKE A MOULDY CRUTONĒ. Alcohol is probably the weakest song, just a basic Beck folk anthem sandwiched in the middle. The vocals are more layered than usual and the ending is totally fucked. Fume is one of the all-time Beck classics. It starts out a typical Beck song (if there is such a thing) but halfway through falls apart and turns into this hardcore, ripping, screaming grunge song. I first heard this before Mellow Gold was even out. I saw the video for Loser and went out the next day to the CD store and they had just received one copy of this an hour earlier. I listened to the whole thing on repeat all weekend (itís only about twenty five minutes long) and played Secret of Mana on SNES. That was an awesome weekend.
Favorite Song: Fume
Note: thereís another version of this single that omits Alcohol, Soul Suckiní Jerk (Reject) and Fume and include the songs Totally Confused and MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack. The latter has become one of Becks more famous b-sides based on itís title. But aside from the first thirty seconds (the part with just Beck and guitar) itís not really a very good song at all. Totally Confused is really good too but is also available on the Beercan single. If you ever want this go for the version with five songs because if you miss out on Fume you are really missing out.
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