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A Journey Through Power Metal

I've been inspired by El Gordo's "Thrash Through The Ages" thread to a make a thread with reviews on all power metal albums ever made.Not all reviews are going to be the same length, some will be really short, some will be very long, it just depends on the album.Now I'll be reviewing albums that are by my definition "Power Metal", so some stuff that some people consider power metal but to me aren't won't get reviewed.For example, bands like Accept, Cirith Ungol, Dio, and X Japan, who all might of had some influence on Power metal bands, or had/have power metal influences, but all are not as a whole "Power metal".Also I might not get exactly ALL power metal albums in existence reviewed, because they are always going to be bands that have music that can't be found in America, so forgive me if I don't review an album by band that you know but I don't.So basically all power metal albums that are going to be reviewed on this thread are ones I have access to.I will start reviewing albums in the next couple of days.
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