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King's X -- Asbury Park, NJ -- May 3rd, 2013

Amazing show as always by my favorite band for the past 24 years. dUg sounded great, despite the fact that as soon as this tour is over he is scheduled for a hernia operation. He mentioned that and also said that it would be a somewhat mellow set. It was in some ways but they were still on fire. And they played some surprising numbers, including a song from the Black Like Sunday record. dUg said "y'all remember the Black Like Sunday record. The one everyone hated." Well, I think it's a pretty decent record and definitely has some great tunes on it. I must be in the minority.

I was standing in front of Ty the whole show. He is amazing to watch. One great solo after another. The jam solos on Vegetable and Over My Head were mind-blowing! And since this was practically Jerry's hometown there were many chants of JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! throughout the night. He is still a madman behind the kit.

The band played from about 10pm til 11:45pm. After Dogman, which the crowd sang most of, the band were bowing when Jerry pulled them into a huddle and they decided to do one more song NOT on the set list. When they faced the mikes toward the crowd I knew it would be Goldilox!

After the show the band sat and greeted everyone. Something that most bands charge exorbitant VIP fees for the privilege of taking a photo with them. That's why KING'S X are, and will always remain, the coolest band EVER!


Groove Machine
The World Around Me
The Big Picture
Flies And Blue Skies
(Thinking And Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do
Everybody Knows A Little Bit Of Something
A Box
Black Like Sunday
Over My Head
Over And Over
We Were Born To Be Loved
Go Tell Somebody
Dogman (crowd sang most of the song)
Goldilox (crowd sang entire song)

Mark Knopfler - 10/17
Spirit Caravan - 10/18
King Diamond - 11/25
C.O.C. + Brant Bjork - 11/29
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