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Senses Fail -- Chicago, IL -- May 3rd, 2013

Well after working a long close to 9 hour day I decided to go see Senses Fail and well it was a mixed bag.

Between having to take close to 7 trains and a shuttle between work, the concert, and getting home and not eating all day I was really tired.

First up was Major League and they were good. Decent enough pop punk.

After was Real Friends and other than them telling people not to surf or dive they were fucking great. A lot of energy, between songs they were fucking hysterical, and being a hometown show they had the crowd singing louder than the band.

Next was Such Gold and I don't see the appeal. The mic for most the set was way too loud making the singer sound like shit and when they fixed it I still didn't care for how he sounded. The crowd was dead till halfway through, then went crazy, then died again.

Senses Fail finally came out and they sounded good. Lead singer has a good singing voice and some great screams. His lows though were fucking horrible thankfully he rarely did it. Renancer and Mi Amor were amazing. Only stayed till about halfway since they weren't getting done till midnight and the travel back home was a pain in the ass thanks to railroad construction and having to take shuttles.

After Mi Amor the lead singer was drinking joking about Chicago, the Navy,Army, and Marines arguing, Jamie Lee Curtis, Freaky Friday, and Lindsay Lohan. One of his exact lines was "I'd totally fuck Lohan but only if I could do her bent over a toilet with her face in the bowl. Now I respect women and they deserve respect but I don't think Lohan is technically a real person. Plus she'd enjoy the rough dirty sex prolly.

So overall I left my house at like 830am, worked from 10-7, show from like 7:30 to 11:15 and didn't get home till after midnight.

Holy fuck am I tired.

Senses Fail set (thanks to setlistfm)

You're Cute When You Scream
Lady in a Blue Dress
Mi Amor
The Rapture
Shark Attack
The Path
Rum is for Drinking, Not for Burning
Frost Flower
Calling All Cars
Buried a Lie
Between the Mountains and the Sea
Can't Be Saved
War Paint
Bite to Break Skin
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