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I wouldn't call it a con. Coheed's second most recent album was only 39 minutes long, but it was billed from the beginning as the first half of a two part set (the second part being considerably longer.) In fact, they were recorded at the same time and that fact was always public. I don't think that's what QR is doing here at all. And even if it, it's disingenuous since they're not talking about it at this point.

What I don't understand is, if you're going to talk about 15 years of rejected songs, I expect at least a 40-45 minute long album. Further, if you're only going to deliver 35 minutes, why wait a year?! It's been 11 months since Rising West first performed. Why not just get 20 minutes out as an EP? Why wait so long to play any of it live? They could've had the producer they wanted and beaten Geoff Tate to the punch under that approach. And since they're already re-using the name of the only other EP they've ever released...

Plus, all those examples are bad. Queensryche isn't Slayer. And Permanent Waves is a good example of basically the same genre, but it's from an era when Rush was releasing an album basically every year. And they were fucking classics, too. If QR drops something with the weight of Moving Pictures after this album I'd be genuinely shocked. It's going to be a gigantic break from 30+ years of established operation if Queensryche starts not only yearly albums, but genuine classic releases at that.
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