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Gigantour 2008 -- Toronto, Ontario -- April 30th, 2008

Gigantour 2008
Featuring: Megadeth, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Job For A Cowboy and High on Fire
Date: April 30th, 2008
Venue: Arrow Hall in Mississauga, Ontario

I’m not sure this was the best Gigantour lineup ever but it’s certainly better than what Dave brings out these days; both the support acts and the Megadeth set. I was really excited to see Megadeth, In Flames and High on Fire, not a fan of Job For A Cowboy but thought I’d give them a chance and was neither here nor there with Children of Bodom.

We had to wait in line forever and missed the first bit of High on Fires set. That was shit. I was only familiar with the Blessed Black Wings album so everything they played was pretty new to me. The highlight was the intro to Eyes and Teeth. On album the bass riff is pretty cool but live it has to be one of the heaviest riffs I’ve ever heard. That riff was probably the best part of the whole show. High on Fire was awesome but played for a criminally short amount of time.

High On Fire
1. Rumors of War 

2. Turk 

3. Cometh Down Hessian 

4. Waste of Tiamat 

5. Eyes and Teeth 

6. Devilution

I was not into Job For A Cowboy at all. Especially when one of their fans started wailing on my spine from behind because he was so pumped from all the bOOtality.

Job For A Cowboy
1. Coalescing Prophecy 

2. Embedded 

3. Entities 

4. Reduced to Mere Filth 

5. Entombment of a Machine 

6. Altered from Catechization 

7. Knee Deep

The experience from Job For A Cowboys set had pretty much ruined the concert for me. I knew Children of Bodoms Are You Dead Yet? album and had heard a few others but really wasn’t expecting too much. The only thing I can remember was how odd Living Dead Beat was as a second song. I only think of it as an opening song. They did nothing for me.

Children of Bodom
1. Sixpounder 

2. Living Dead Beat 

3. In Your Face 

4. Hate Me! 

5. Hellhounds on My Trail 

6. Angels Don't Kill 

7. Blooddrunk 

8. Downfall

I saw In Flames about nine years earlier when they were just breaking out and was excited to see them again. But time had changed not only their music but their concert experience as well. It was just a swell of people that I really wasn’t expecting. The whole floor turned into a pit and after I landed on some guy in a wheelchair I had to go join the other old guys standing near the back of the venue. I really wanted to hear them play Cloud Connected; since it was one of their only newer songs I was familiar with. So when they opened with it the concert was pretty much dead for me from there after. I did enjoy anything off the Come Clarity album but everything else sounded the same. And I won’t get into the whole “play old stuff” rant. I guess I was hoping that they’d bust out something older but it was wishful thinking.

In Flames
1. Cloud Connected 

2. The Mirror's Truth 

3. Leeches 

4. Only for the Weak 

5. The Quiet Place 

6. Trigger 

7. Graveland 

8. Disconnected 

9. Move Through Me 

10. Come Clarity 

11. Take This Life 

12. My Sweet Shadow

Yeah, so up until this point the concert really had sucked for me. I went to the washroom just before Megadeth and saw one of the most disgusting sights I’d seen in my life and wondered why I even came to this show. But Megadeth came out and made it all okay. I hadn’t seen them for well over ten years and I hadn’t even really listened to any of their later albums but it just took me back watching them. All the young kids took off and all us old guys were able to have a little calmer of a concert experience. Megadeth were almost to the peak of their second career resurgence and they played and sounded great. Highlights were all the songs from the pre-Risk albums that I knew but everything else was great too. Megadeth really saved this show because up until that point it was one of the most miserable concerts of my life.

1. Sleepwalker 

2. Wake Up Dead 

3. Take No Prisoners 

4. Skin o' My Teeth 

5. Washington Is Next! 

6. Kick the Chair 

7. In My Darkest Hour 

8. Hangar 18 

9. Gears of War 

10. A Tout Le Monde
11. Tornado of Souls 

12. Ashes in Your Mouth 

13. Burnt Ice 

14. Symphony of Destruction 

15. Trust 

16. Peace Sells...but Who's Buying 

17. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
10/16 -- Negura Bunget
11/01 -- Deafheaven
11/12 -- Belphegor
11/13 -- Styx
11/21 -- Machine Head

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