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Someone in the media got a copy of the new album and put a bit of a review about it!
Hello guys and girls,

I follow the forum a lot and appreciate all the passion and love for the band that all of you share. Me included.

I just wanted to share some initial opinion of the new album. I just heard the promo and would like to share some thoughts after only one listening, because usually the first impression is always the most true.

First, I know that this is probably not the place to comment on that, but because there have been inevitable comparisons between the two albums - I really liked the new Geoff Tate - fronted album. Really. No joke. I think that it is on par with American Soldier and easily some of the best work till Promised Land.

So - let's get to the new "Queensryche" album and my first impressions. Soryy about not going into too much detail, but I haven't asked for persmission to make a long review yet:

1. The album is really short - 35 minutes, with and intro and a 55-long interlude in the middle of the album.
2. There are some instant classics like "Where Dreams Go To Die", "A World Without" and "Open Road". These are epic tracks and by "epic" I don't mean the track length, but the sound and the emotions they convey. Wonderful stuff, reminiscent of maybe something out of "Rage For Order"
3. There are some heavy, oldschool songs, with meaty riffs and uptempo, like "Vindication", "Spore" and "Fallout".
4. Scott is the star in this album. The drumming is absolutely stunning. Michael does some beautiful solos.

So, on a first listen, here is what I didn't like:

1. The production seems a little too compressed, with too many effects and layers used, which sometimes blur the second guitar and the bass. But I have to listed to the album a few more times and at a better stereo system to judge.

That's the album's only fault, haha!

You will love it guys. It is obvious what the buys and the producer have tried to achieve - to get the closest possible sound to "Rage" and keep close to this album's spirit, sound, production and overall attitude.
Even though it's only 35 minutes long, it's the quality of the songs that really counts. Some really amazing albums and songs have been quite short too.
Aces High, my #1 favorite vocal performance EVER has been TIED with the opening part on The Red And The Black! I NEVER thought that would happen! WOW!
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