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Hell Awaits (1985)

Reign In Blood (1986)

Undisputed Attitude (1996)

Diabolus in Musica (1998)

I was eventually going to get to Slayer. But in light of what happened yesterday I’ve been inspired. I like all of their pre-2000 albums but these few always stick out. Hell Awaits was a lot different for them with a lot more complex, lengthy songs. It seems to be forgotten amongst their discography but I may like it more than Reign in Blood. The production is a bit weak but the album is almost thirty years old so it can’t be faulted for that. Reign in Blood I have to include. When I first heard it, I won't say it was the most intense thing I’d heard in my life since I never really heard it until later in my teens. But I could appreciate it and understood how it had fucked so many people up a decade earlier. Any metalhead loves that album and there’s nothing I can write that hasn’t been written a thousand times over. Undisputed Attitude gets a ton of hate and I hated it when I first heard it. But over the years I grew to like it, especially in small doses. It’s much better when a song pops up on random on iTunes. It can get exhausting listening to it from front to back. And Diabolus in Musica is another forgotten album that seems to be getting a lot more praise these days. It had a lot more groove than most Slayer, but what’s wrong with making songs that make you want to move? Sick artwork too. I used to have a t-shirt with the mouth picture from the inlay on it. That got girls. I remember Rhonda Webber (who was hot) saw me wearing it to class in college once, scrunched up her face and just said "ew".
Favorite Song (Hell Awaits): At Dawn They Sleep
Favorite Song (Reign in Blood): Postmortem
Favorite Song (Undisputed Attitude): Richard Hung Himself
Favorite Song (Diabolus in Musica): In The Name Of God

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