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Revolver Golden Gods 2013 -- Los Angeles, CA -- May 2nd, 2013

  1. Disposable heroes
  2. For whom the bell tolls
  3. Rapid fire (with Rob Halford, Judas Priest cover)
  4. Seek & destroy

  1. Earth on hell (intro)
  2. Caught in a mosh
  3. Fight 'em till you can't
  4. This love (with Philip Anselmo & Rex Brown, Pantera cover)/Raining blood (dedicated to Jeff Hanneman)

  1. Hammer of the Gods
  2. Mother
  3. Death comes ripping (with Doyle, Misfits cover)
  4. Skulls (same)
  5. Last caress (same)

Stone Sour:
  1. Gone sovereign
  2. Absolute zero
  3. Children of the grave (with Chris Fehn & Shawn Crahan, Sabbath cover)

  1. Love bites (so do I)
  2. I miss the mistery
  3. Whole lotta love (with David Draiman, Zeppelin cover)

Five Finger Deathpunch:
  1. Burn it down
  2. Lift me up (with Rob Halford, debut of the song)
  3. Thunderkiss 65 (with Rob Zombie & John 5, White Zombie cover)

Dillinger Escape Plan:
  1. Prancer
  2. When I lost my bet
  3. Behind the wheel (with Chino Moreno, Depeche Mode cover)
  4. 43% Burnt (partial)

Source: various/setlist fm.

Yeah, would've loved to have seen this, to say the least
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