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Hypocrisy – Abducted (1996)

I don’t really listen to or enjoy most of what Hypocrisy puts out these days but this was one of the first really underground albums I got in around 1999. The reason I’ve always liked this album much more than anything else by Hypocrisy is the vocals. On this album, rather than a typical guttural death growl Peter went for a more robotic screech with a bit of distortion added. I really don’t think I’ve ever heard another album like it, be it Hypocrisy or another band. There were some really catchy, memorable songs on this album too which really adds to my enjoyment (Roswell 47, Buried, When The Candle Fades). And ending it with two totally different, almost ballads was a really cool touch. The only problem I've ever had with this album (and a lot of Hypocrisy's other stuff) is there are a lot of sudden, fast fade-outs on a lot of their songs. I generally don't like fade-outs but they're even worse when I feel the song could go on for another half a minute or so.
Favorite Song: Roswell 47
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