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Arsis -- Frederick, MD -- April 30th, 2013

Full review w/ pix

Went to see ARSIS's Album release show... the first stop... in Frederick, MD of all places.

There were about 30-40 people there at the high point (during the time I was there). I think this was due to Arsis not being very big, maybe some odd advertizing, and Soilwork's date in Baltimore on this same day. It was a Tuesday, and what else is there to do in Frederick on a Tuesday? Not much.

Anyways, we got there in time to see the last part of the last opener, and to look at the merch booth. They didn't have any of their new album, due to some sort of issue w/ ordering. I can't recall the exact reason, but album release w/out the new album!

I thought this was the best time I've seen them live (once opening for Firewind and once opening for Sonata Arctica). The new stuff sounded the best, IMO (probably because of the promoting the new album and trying to practice those songs more). I really have no complaints how they sounded, I just wished they had played longer. The guitar solos were perfectly executed, the vocals were harsh black metal esque partially unintelligible, but clear- if that makes any sense.

Something was a bit off, and I don't know if it was first night jitters, the low turnout, or something else, but James Malone (frontman) seemed a bit nervous when he surveyed the crowd. That somehow did NOT translate to his playing, which was pretty flawless.

After their short set, the band hung out, and I got a pic w/ them and the ghetto setlist signed (scrawled on a piece of cardboard). Nice guys, and I def remember the one guitarist who was not only wearing a RATT shirt, but also played some RATT licks during soundcheck this time, too :3


Arsis (10:39- 11:30ish)
  • Handbook For The Recently Deceased
  • Maddening Disdain
  • Servants to the Night
  • A Diamond For Disease
  • We Are the Nightmare
  • Six Coffins Wide
  • Unwelcome
  • Carve My Cross
  • No One Lies to the Dead
  • Scornstar
  • The Promise Of Never
  • The Face Of My Innocence
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