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Slayer -- Kansas City, KS -- February 3rd, 2007

Celtic Frost on October 16th, 2006 and Cannibal Corpse on November 20th, 2006, along with this show right here, I refer to kind of as my "first metal shows."

This show was at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS. Kansas City, KS is nowhere near as awesome as Kansas City, MO, but I braved the cold night with a couple of friends for this show. My parents even dropped us off (I was 17) and picked us up.

Unearth opened and they were just mediocre to me. Nothing to love and nothing to hate. They got shit thrown at them and people chanting "SLAYER!" throughout their set, but that happens to every band that opened for Slayer.

Slayer sounded...amazing. It was my first thrash band live and it just blew my mind. The band sounded so on point and tight. I distinctly remember the double-kick to the intro for Show No Mercy and I only wish that's the way they played it live every time. Hell, I was so stoked to get songs from Show No Mercy. I also remember them going straight into Silent Scream after Postmortem - Top 10 concert moment for me. I headbanged so hard and sang so loud to Angel of Death to close out the show. People were jumping off the balcony into the pit by that point. It was complete fucking mayhem and it was perfect

I saw them a couple more times after that, but I'll never forget my first Slayer show. RIP Jeff.

War Ensemble
Die by the Sword
Show No Mercy
Captor of Sin
Mandatory Suicide
Seasons in the Abyss
Eyes of the Insane
Silent Scream
Dead Skin Mask
Raining Blood
South of Heaven
Angel of Death
11/5 - Wayfarer
11/9 - Black Dahlia Murder & Napalm Death
11/17 - NOFX
11/25 - Henry Rollins
12/1 - Extinction A.D.
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