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I read Punk's return has been moved up a few weeks and he'll be back at the end of the month. My vacation from watching WWE TV is lasting shorter than expected if that's the case.

I'm definitely gonna check out the best of In Your House DVD. They need to bring those back, I loved how they used to have a seperate theme based on what the main event match was. Now we just get the same PPV on the same month every year. At least the In Your House theme made the PPV seem special. I hope they have something from Revenge Of The Taker, I attended that one. Taker/Mankind for the title and Austin/Bret were pretty good matches. The tag title match with The Legion Of Doom against Owen and The British Bulldog was good as well.

I also went to Breakdown that they had at Copps Colesium in Hamilton, Ontario. I remember that was the night where the fans started cheering the Rock and started booing Ken Shamrock. Owen Hart's match opened the show and the Canadian crowd gave him a huge ovation. Possibly the best pop of the night besides Austin and Rock. That was also when Taker had an alliance with Kane and Taker was slowly starting to make his heel turn at the end of '98 and begining of '99. The triple threat title match between them two and Austin was good but the ending kind of pissed people off with both Taker and Kane pinning Austin at the same time and then Vince running off with the belt.

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