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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
One of the best bands around when it comes to putting setlists together. I don't recall seeing a bad one from them in recent years. The only thing i'd switch around is Would and Rooster. Would is just the better ending song period.
Personally I'd love to see an AIC setlist without Rain and Dam that River. I like those songs but Junkhead and Love, Late, Love and MIND-BLOWING live to me and much better choices in my opinion. Hell I'd rather hear Sunshine, I Stay Away, Rotten Apple, Brother or The Real Thing in place of those 2 just one time.

Still a cool setlist and hope they keep Got Me Wrong in there every single show. If they need to replace old songs with new ones I hope it's Rain and River rather than Got Me Wrong or Nutshell... but I doubt it
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