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I just said the song titles are interesting and that it will be the actual songs that count.

Also, from:
The best part, however, was during recording breaks the DJ would play music and he played about 2 minutes of two other tracks from the new album. Whip, Ed and Parker were actually sitting right in front me me for a while and I spoke to Whip briefly (who was as nice and awesome as ever) who confirmed the first song played as SPORE. I didn't get to ask him what the second track was but I think it was FALLOUT based on the lyrics I heard ... "After the fall, after the fall."

As for the new tracks, they both had the "feel" of Redemption but sounded much more Mindcrime/Promised Land to me. The two minutes I heard, I loved way more than Redemption (which I really like). Very riffy, very Wilton. Spore was pretty heavy and stomping and the line that I recall was "Prisoner of War." The track that I believe was Fallout was much more Promised Land feeling. Kind of a dark vibe, with a slower section. Maybe the epic Parker track he spoke of. I really, really liked what I heard from these two songs. They sounded very deep and powerful to me.

I tried to absorb the few minutes I heard, but it's really hard. I wanted to remember more of the lyrics, but unfortunately that's all I can recall! Maybe after a good night's sleep I'll remember more!
That has me pretty excited! Also, there's going to be a private listening party tonight so we should be getting in more song reviews soon.
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