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Originally Posted by Wrecking Crew View Post
I arrived my typical one hour late and was extremely worried when a three person band came out and started playing a few Suicdal songs interspersed with songs I didn't recognize. The singer kind of looked like Mike, the songs didn't sound good and I was wondering just what the hell had happened to Suicidal Tendencies and thinking I was about to witness the worst show of my life. I was extremely relieved when the singer said after about half an hour Goodnight everybody, Suicidal is up next. I was glad this wasn't the real show but what kind of opening band covers 3 of the main act's songs?
That would be Waking The Dead, ex-Suicidal Tendencies' Mike Clark's new band that was meant to retain his original band's name No Mercy but couldn't. Below gives background...

I'm assuming the 3 Suicidal songs, were actually No Mercy songs that Suicidal re-recorded on Controlled By Hatred / Feel Like S**t...
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