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Alice in Chains -- Birmingham, AL -- April 30th, 2013

The doors were at 7 and the show began at 7:25 with MonsterO from Atlanta. I don't have a set for them, but I thought they were good until I heard the vocals. Way too out of place for the style of music they were playing IMO. Since they're from Atlanta I bet anything William from Alice in Chains got them to open which he joined them on stage for a song towards the end.

MonsterO went off stage at 8 and exactly 8:30 Alice in Chains took the stage so make sure to get there early! And holy shit Alice in Chains... probably the best show of the year so far. They sounded spot on if not better than on album. They played for a solid two hours with this set:

Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
It Ain't Like That
Your Decision
Got Me Wrong
Last of My Kind
Down in a Hole
Heaven Beside You (first time they played in a long time)
We Die Young

Man in the Box
No Excuses

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