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Deftones -- Springfield, MO -- April 29th, 2013

Man am I lame. Years almost half over and this is sadly my first show of the year. Pretty psyched that such a large band as the Deftones would actually play here. Surprisingly enough this was their first time playing in Springfield. Show didn't start out great. Oklahoma City got Periphery last night and we get some shitty local slapdick band. Showed up on their last song (thank god). Thanks to getting there early I still got almost on the rail.

Band was super tight as they have been over last few years. One thing I don't care for is Be Quiet as an opener. But then again I never have cared for that song, just think they could do better for an opener. Crowd was probably best behaved Deftones crowd I've ever ran into. Had some bad experiences before, glad everyone was so cool. Set wasn't mind-blowing but still solid. Chino was quite interactive with crowd. I was near mike and was screaming into it during Around The Fur! I still am bummed Romantic Dreams is being ignored. Wish they'd do more from new album. I honestly didn't think the new songs would go over so well, I was wrong. Poltergeist might have been one of my favorites of the evening. Outside of the new songs I still got to hear a couple songs I'd never heard before (Headup & Bloody Cape). Craziest part of the evening was Around The Fur then Headup, I was getting smashed but it was worth it. Crowd went crazy for Headup. We did get an extra song on the encore from the night before. All around a great night. Should have pics up sometime tomorrow.

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
My Own Summer (Shove It)
Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
You've Seen the Butcher
Digital Bath
Swerve City
Around the Fur
Change (In the House of Flies)
Bloody Cape
Engine No. 9
7 Words
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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