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Originally Posted by elturtleboy View Post
They've been doing it for years though. TGI is huge and im sure they dont charge as much as Early Graves or the others.
I honestly don't see TGI being huge to pay for anyway. I mean they need bigger bands on the bill to help sell it out because trying to back a fest with a lot of little bands even in a genre like hardcore isn't going to help bank even.

I mean lets use a example :

The second day of the rumble had the headliner as Crown Of Thornz. From what I heard the venue was over half empty. Venue capacity at half empty would be around 300 people or so. There was like 12 bands on the bill. So your not making too much money from that. A bigger headliner will draw more money and your not technically "selling out" if your booking a band that has toured with a shit ton of hardcore bands.
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