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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
It was the same comparing the 2010 tour to last year's tour with Accept as well. Ventor was practically a different drummer in a better way, Christian was going nuts and Mille was actually moving around. Mille's voice was also way more aggressive on these recent tours compared to just a couple years ago. It's kind of astonishing really.
Yeah exactly. I was really surprised by how much Christian and Sami were moving around. And that Mille did at all. Even going up on the platforms to sing several times.

It's funny with Mille's voice, I'm not sure it's necessarily more aggressive, just better. After all, the new stuff is arguably more melodic than most of the old stuff, he just seems to sound "right" at the moment.

Honestly I could have done without Evile and SSS this time and just had Xentrix play an hour as support, but once Kreator started it was all about them anyway. Absolutely brilliant 90 minutes

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