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Yeah, so, holy fuck what a difference!

The last and only time I saw Kreator before this was on the Thrashfest tour in 2009, which they headlined. I don't know if it were just a combination of the tight stage or the fact that Mille wasn't as excited by Hordes of Chaos as he is by Phantom Antichrist, but they were SO much better this time.

For instance, they had stairs and platforms last time, just like they do now, but they didn't use them at all for the whole 90 minutes, just stood still at the front, like they were Destruction or something. Different story this time. And they played with more urgency and enthusiasm as well.

With the support, SSS predictably sucked, and adding them to the bill meant Xentrix, who were great, had to play the shorter version of their set. Evile were kind of dull, which I don't normally find them. Wasn't very impressed with the new stuff either.

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