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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I wanted to try going to this show, but I already had plans for the day with a lot of people. I found out about this show at about 10am and tickets went on sale at noon at the El Rey in LA. It turns out that all the people in line were given a number for a lottery and whoever got picked just had to pay $20 to see them at the Echoplex that night.
A few latecomers/people hanging around the El Rey hours later also got tickets.

I gave it my best shot, complete postmortem of my efforts including holding a ticket that said Echoplex April 27th for 2 months can be found here. At least I didn't eat my $20 Blood Red Shoes ticket.


On a more positive note, 8 days outside the rehearsal studio recounted here, best to scroll to the first report and read upwards.
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