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I went to the NOLA date for Chimaira on the 23rd. IKTPQ for some reason or another didn't even play, so Chimaira actually did open which was bull. The show started later than it was supposed to and instead of playing their slot and IKTPQ's they only got to play theirs. I seen the time slots before the show and they had only 45 minutes including set-up so that knocked it down to almost 30. I was in the 2nd row and not many people there even had a clue who Chimaira even was. When they finished I hit the merch table during Whitechapel's set and then left before Motionless in White even finished their set.

Here's Chimaira's set from the show, only 6 songs but they smashed them out including two songs off the album they're releasing in July. They opened with "The Flame" which was awesome, one of my favorites, and closed with "Pure Hatred" for sure, just the middle of the set is fuzzy to remember. "Year of the Snake" and "Severed" may be backwards but I know the songs are correct. LOL. Mark sounded awesome and I really enjoyed Austin's drumming on the new songs, and I'm a huge fan of Andols'.

The Flame
Year of the Snake
I Despise *New*
All That's Left Is Blood *New*
Pure Hatred

And Sean Z gave me his water bottle. Also to the guy that said Daathmaira, they really killed it. Glad I got to see Emil shred those songs. It was funny seeing Matt DeVries teaching Emil the rhythm parts on the Coming Alive DVD in Europe to fill in while Matt went with his wife to have their baby and now see him playing lead and killing Rob's parts. LOL.
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