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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
So I met Jake The Snake today at C2E2 and he was by far one of the biggest assholes I've ever met. Not only was he listed as being a free signing when I went to give him the picture I wanted him to sign he tells me it's $20 for it. He then asks for my name and when I tell him he starts yelling towards me asking me for my name again. Finally after spelling it out he sets the paper back down and I ask for a picture and he tells me that if I want a picture with him it'll be another $20. I told Jake no and he says well then if you want a picture it'll be another $20 or your not getting one. After telling him I won't do it again and walking away he just got pissy. Also during the entire time me meeting him he seemed uninterested and even cracked some joke about the WWF picture I had and him doing coke. Overall he was a asshole and I regret ever giving him a penny of my money.
You mean the guy who made a career out of playing a dark, twisted, untrustworthy character and has a bad reputation due to all the drugs and alcohol problems he's had through the years was an asshole to you? Shocking

Given Jake's past it would've been more surprising if he was nice to you to be honest. This is why I don't really care to meet or converse with anybody famous. I wanna make sure I remember them for the reasons I like them.