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Bison B.C. -- Montreal, Quebec -- April 27th, 2013

Venue: Il Motore
Opening bands: Wetmetal, Teethmarks
Tour: Lovelessness Tour 2013

So, again, not a real review this time, just a quick summary before I get back to my studying. Suffocation was playing at the same time at Club Soda, but since Lovelessness was one of my highlights of 2012, I really had to see them perform the songs. Also, this show was 15$ cheaper. I arrived late because I was studying for one of my math exams, but it seems that the gig also started late, so I ended up missing only a few minutes of local openers Wetmetal. They played crust/thrash in the vein of Speedwolf (not as good as them, but still good). Their drummer/vocalist was funny and had a lot of energy, but the two other members standed there like they didn't care much. Next were Teethmarks from Toronto, whom I had already seen open for Dopethrone last year. They're a really good stoner-core band in the likes of Burning Love (or ETID without the breakdowns, clean vocals or thrashy riffs) and they put on an excellent show. Their vocalist was on the floor the whole time, screaming at people's faces and grabbing their hair (including mine ); his vocals sounded like a mix between J.R. Hayes and Mike Williams, with a little touch of rock 'n' roll. Another noticable fact is that they had no bassist, but still were pounding.

It was getting pretty late when Bison B.C. came on and I was starting to get a bit drowsy, but the vancouverites gave me a huge slape in the face as soon as they started. Their tone was among the heaviest I've ever heard and the drums were crushing. Speaking of drums, their drummer was high as a kite; he kept making the craziest faces and moves while playing, and still being tight. Bison B.C. gave one of the mist energetic and soulful shows I've seen lately. You could see the pain in James' face when he screamed. As I was expecting, the songs from their most recent musical offering translated perfectly in a live setting. Once again, I had a great time and I almost broke my neck during "Finally Asleep". After their set, I spoke briefly with the band members, grabbed a digipak copy of Lovelessness and headed back home to try and get some sleep.

Bison B.C.

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