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Fu Manchu -- Austin, TX -- April 27th, 2013

Around 8:30 the evening of the show, I arrived at the parking lot across from Stubb's BBQ with a few friends to go see Fu Manchu a block down at the Red 7. By the time we got there, only two people were in line, but about five minutes later, everybody decided to show up at once, causing the line to stretch to the end of the block. During the waiting period, we started a chat with two guys from Monterrey who had actually driven up for the show. Let me repeat that: They drove roughly six hours (depending entirely on traffic, of course) between two countries for a little under 400 miles for four hours in a strange city, and driving back that exact same distance the same night. Now that is dedication!

Anyway, the doors decided to open shortly before the rain decided to piss down until halfway after Fu Manchu went onstage. The opening band was called Party Wizard. They were alright, sounding something like the Melvins trying to be Motorhead; they probably would have had a little bit more energy if they'd had room (the bassist was in the audience for the entire set because their kit and Fu Manchu's gear took up the entire stage, and the singer had about half a foot to work with, so he jumped around in the audience as well). The band ended their set, and Bloodnstuff took the stage. I liked them a lot. Their guitarist had a shitload of pedals (and some weird-ass Swedish guitar) to work with, so between songs, he managed to make himself sound like an organ, a faded horn section behind a wall of distorted guitars...all that groovy shit.

About fifteen minutes after their set, Fu Manchu went on, playing the entirety of their "The Action is Go" album to cheers and hollers. The band didn't talk at all, except for literally a minute spent thanking the audience or stating the song's titles. Instead, they spent their time either creating feedback, jamming between songs, or playing their actual songs. During the encore, the microphone stand fell in the audience, and as a result, I got to sing half of "King of the Road" with another fan before the Red 7 roadie...guy yanked it back up. That was pretty fucking fun.

...It's so weird when I barely have anything to say about the headlining act. In any case, they put on a sick show, and the band were kind enough to chat with their fans after the show (I verified the encore songs thanks to them).

Fu Manchu

Evil Eye
The Action is Go
Burning Road
Trackside Hoax
Unknown World
Grendel Snowman
Strolling Astronomer
Saturn III
Nothing Done
Boogie Van
California Crossing
King of the Road
8/14 - Nine Inch Nails
9/16 - Prong
10/23-26 - HHFF
10/28 - Mike Watt
10/29 - Melvins
11/7 - 7 Seconds

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