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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
20.) Ancient VVisdom- Deathlike
19.) Bad Religion- True North
18.) Boris- Pršparat
17.) The Dear Hunter- Migrant
16.) Dreamshade- The Gift Of Life
15.) Ghost- Infestissumam
14.) Incura- S/T
13.) Omnium Gatherum- Beyond
12.) Portal- Vexovoid
11.) Amorphis- Circle
10.) For The Imperium- Hail The Monsters
9.) Sons of Aeon- S/T
8.) Long Distance Calling- The Flood Inside
7.) Soilwork- The Living Infinite
6.) Shining- One One One
5.) Killswitch Engage- Disarm The Descent
4.) Agrypnie- Aetas Cineris
3.) In Vain- ∆nigma
2.) Steven Wilson- The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)
1.) Clutch- Earth Rocker
I haven't heard amorphis Yet. I'm excited to do so though.
so close, no matter how far.

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