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So I met Jake The Snake today at C2E2 and he was by far one of the biggest assholes I've ever met. Not only was he listed as being a free signing when I went to give him the picture I wanted him to sign he tells me it's $20 for it. He then asks for my name and when I tell him he starts yelling towards me asking me for my name again. Finally after spelling it out he sets the paper back down and I ask for a picture and he tells me that if I want a picture with him it'll be another $20. I told Jake no and he says well then if you want a picture it'll be another $20 or your not getting one. After telling him I won't do it again and walking away he just got pissy. Also during the entire time me meeting him he seemed uninterested and even cracked some joke about the WWF picture I had and him doing coke. Overall he was a asshole and I regret ever giving him a penny of my money.
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