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I got an e-mail late last week about this show being free. Unfortunately, I work on tuesday evening's otherwise I would've gone. The problem isn't so much that their following has fallen off, there's no doubt it has. But the venue they played here fits at least 2,000. Their tour promoter/bookers might be the a big part of the problem as well. There's no way now that Fear Factory can draw that many people on their own without more well known support bands. I have no clue as to why they would book this venue? There are two venues here in downtown Buffalo they could've played. The town ballroom fits about 1,000 and that would've been much better for them. Not to mention with the venue being in downtown people could've got to the concert easier.

The rapids theater is a great venue and they've gotten some really good, high profile shows there over the last year like Megadeth, Lamb Of God, BLS and Stone Sour. Volbeat is playing there next month. The problem is people aren't willing to make the extra effort to all the way up to the wasteland known as downtown Niagara Falls, NY unless it's a band that is very well known. The radio doesn't play Fear Factory around here. So even with the show being free, they weren't gonna get too many people to go up there because most regular folks around here don't have any idea who they are.

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