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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I didn't know they used to do the kitchen for the Key Club. I was talking to the owner today and he said that he hasn't taken the truck out since before Christmas. He opened the restaurant in January and its just been so busy since that he hasn't had time to go anywhere. I'm really happy that the place is as much of a success as it has turned out to be. I'm definitely looking forward to going back. I want to get the Jump in the Fryer burger. Its a bacon cheeseburger on waffles with srirachi sauce, syrup and friend chicken!! It was $15 for that one but it looked amazing!
Grill 'Em All did food for the Key Club during the fall and winter of 2011, I remember buying the Saxon burger at the Saxon show there haha. It was really poorly advertised though, hardly anyone knew about Grill 'Em All being there. The restaurant itself is in Alhambra right? When I get a vehicle down here I'll definitely make a stop or two there! And that Jump in the Fryer burger sounds amazing.
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