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Anyone who has followed Black Sabbath knows that Bill Ward has been problematic since the band parted ways with Ozzy in the late 70's. He refused to be apart of the first reunion tour for the 97 Ozzfest due to money. He pulled out of the 99 Ozzfest reunion tour due to money which he had agreed to and he was okay with to the point the band advertised him being on the tour. At the last minute the band followed his demands for more money to salvage the tour and deliver the 'reunion' they had promoted. Same thing in 2011. He was part of the reunion again but opted out for more money. I don't blame the other guys in the band for moving forward. Ward was a legendary drummer and an integral part of the band but in the mid 00's when I saw him on Ozzfest a few times he couldn't play his own songs very well. Every drum had triggers on it. They even had Mike Bordin on stand by incase Ward couldn't play a gig. His wanting more money along with his declining skills and poor health made it an easy choice for Sabbath to move forward without him. He says he quit but the truth appears to be they both parted ways. I have always heard that he received as much money as the other 3. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen but him constantly acting like a money whore, stalling progress and constantly complaining about not 'receiving a fair amount' has been consistent.
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