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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
Bill Ward quit. He wasn't fired, he quit.

People seem to forget that.
Bill Ward quit because he wasn't getting fair treatment. When Ozzy is involved, Black Sabbath becomes the Ozzy Show. The Ozzy Show sucks because Ozzy fucking sucks. Come back with Tony Martin and I'll buy a ticket. And it's not dumb for people to say this isn't Sabbath... It's being billed as a Sabbath reunion but it's missing one integral part: Bill Ward. I saw Sabbath a few times when they had to change their name to Heaven and Hell because it wasn't the Ozzy Show and that was great. Ozzy's a shit singer, and always has been. Now that he's an old man and probably wears diapers he's not worth paying to see, whether he's playing with Tony Iommi or Zakk Wylde or a reanimated Randy Rhoads (actually, I'd see that). Whatever, I'm sure it'll still be an enjoyable show because Tony is still a great guitarist and Geezer is a great bassist and they'll be playing old classics, but I wouldn't pay for it.
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