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Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Its not even Sabbath, so I could care less. When Bill Ward is on the drums, I will care.
Then somebody owes me an explination because I have a bunch of CDs released between 1981 and 1995 that say "Black Sabbath" on the cover. Ward didn't drum on any of those so they're lying to me about it being Black Sabbath. Who was the band that played on all those albums then?

Originally Posted by marker View Post
I love Ozzy, but I really doubt he'll make it through all those shows. He's been missing shows on and off for like ten years now because of his health. Of course they release the Irvine show after people bought tickets to see them at the dump that is the L.A. Sports Arena.
Someone can correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure Ozzy has been good the last few tours and has missed very few shows.

Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
Also this.

I saw Sabbath 9 years ago and Ozzy already wasn't sounding too hot. Keep your expectations low and you'll have a much better time.
Ozzy not being a good live singer is nothing new. I've heard live boots from throughout his career and his voice has always been hit and miss live. People talk about this all the time like it's some kind of new revelation.

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