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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Yeah 300 is right on then because there is no way that's more than an hour of actual music. Was offered a free ticket tonight but couldn't make it until late so I bailed. I've seen all those good songs live and the new stuff is ok at best.

They seriously need to mix it up and play better sets. One of the 3 worst setlist bands in the history of music for me...

Needs more:

Waking the Dead
Suicidal Maniac
I Feel Your Pain
Trip at the Brain
Can't Stop
Join the Army
Feel Like Shit... Deja Vu
Disco's Out, Murder's In
Nobody Hears/Asleep at the Wheel type medley and most importantly...
The entire 30 min 1st album should be played every night!!!!
3-08 Nightwish
3-17 Slayer/Testament/Carcass
3-31 Steve Hackett
4-29 Napalm Death/Melvins
9-11 Black Sabbath
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