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Sorcery -- Birmingham, AL -- April 23rd, 2013

The venue was a decent size smoke free bar in downtown with some great beer specials ($2 Guinness and Sam Adams, $3 Bell's Oberon, and $4 Good People Snake Handler IPA) so needless to say I was feeling pretty damn good by the end of the night. The event on Facebook said it started at 8 so I got there right around then, but the bartender said it wasn't even starting until 9:30 so I had a good hour and a half to talk and meet some local metalheads.

Once 9:30 rolled around and Ritual Decay was about to play I was getting worried about the crowd attendance. There were maybe 30 people there and that number might be a little high I saw Ola and Paul from Sorcery selling their merch, got pictures with them, bought a CD and a shirt, and asked how the tour has been going. Paul said the west coast has been great, but the rest of the tour hasn't been going so well. Apparently they couldn't even make the Chicago date because of a snow storm, and Atlanta's crowd must have been very poor attendance. It was kinda funny talking to Paul because he was super nice but could hardly speak English though.

Ritual Decay, a black metal band from Memphis, haven't even released their first demo yet took the stage and holy shit that band was intense! They reminded me a mixture of something like Dragged Into Sunlight and Watain. The fog, candles, and eventually the stench from the stage created a really good atmosphere for them. I don't know how the vocalist would hold his hand right into the flame from the candles for long periods of time without really burning himself. Hopefully I'll be seeing this band sometime again in the near future

Infinitum Obscure took the stage about 15 minutes after Ritual Decay and brought the most energetic performance of the night. During their set of the 30 people that were there at least half were in the mosh pit during some point of their set. What's cool about these type of shows each band has their own unique sound of extreme metal with Infinitum Obscure playing a very fast modern death metal sound. If you haven't heard of them check out their studio material and they sound just the same if not better live! I didn't see a setlist on stage so I got a picture with Roberto, bought one of their CDs and got it signed, and got the setlist from him after they played. Must see this band if you haven't yet!

Infinitum Obscure:

Serenade for Destruction
Storm of Imperious Hatred
Collustratus a Tenebris
Messanger of Chaos, I
The Luminous Black
Possessing the Fire
Towards the Eternal Dark
Seeding Darkness

To be honest I haven't even heard of Sorcery until they announced this tour several months back and as soon as I listened I loved this band. Blood Chilling Tales is a very underrated album IMO and not to mention how good their new album is. When most people think of Swedish death metal they tend to think Entombed, Unleashed, or At The Gates; but Sorcery should be ranked right along these bands. Most of their set came off of Blood Chilling Tales, but I was okay with that. According to their website they might have played 50 shows during their entire career so seeing them this one time is really cool. I just hope the rest of the tour turns out okay and they're able to come back.


Legacy of Blood
Arrival at Six
Created From Darkness and Rage
The Rite of Sacrifice
Dragons of the Burning Twilight
By These Words
Rivers of the Dead
Lucifer's Legions
Maculated Life
9/4 - Marduk?
9/7-10 - ProgPower USA
9/10 - Cobalt?
9/14 - Hobbs Angel of Death
9/18 - Wolves in the Throne Room
9/25 - Gojira
10/7 - Dope?

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