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Death to All -- Montreal, Quebec -- April 23rd, 2013

Venue: Club Soda
Opening band: Anciients
Tour: Death to All Tour 2013

I'm in my end of semester studying/project-completing rush at university, so I won't have time to write real reviews for the next few shows. It's kind of a miracle I actually manage to go to them... Anyway, here's a summary.

The newly signed by Season of Mist opening Vancouver band Anciients was fairly good. They played a mix of heavy, doom, prog ( la Mastodon) and death metal (heavily influenced by the late guitar work of Chuck Schuldiner). They sounded pretty good, except we couldn't hear the backing vocals until the last two songs. The lead vocalist/guitarist had a pretty good clean voice, that made me think of Priestess' singer, but his growls were a bit ordinary. They had reallu good riffs, but their songs felt like "best-of" mash-ups of all their influences: they lacked purpose and directions at many points. Still, this band has a lot of potential. They'll be touring again with Skeletonwitch this summer. Maybe I'll get to see them again and find out they have improved.

After a half-hour break, it finally was the time for the main act: the three musicians that once accompanied the legendary Chuck Schuldiner in the recording of the landmark Human album in 1991, being Sean and Paul from Cynic and Steve from Sadus, with the addition of live Cynic guitarist/vocalist Max Phelps. Everything was made for the audience to feel like they were in a Death concert back in the days: the lights and smoke, the vintage Death backdrop, the sound, and Max that had Chuck's guitar, that dressed liked him and screamed like him. After a mystic, enigmatic intro, they opened with the first track off Human and the whole crowd (the place was full, by the way, which is pretty impressive for a tuesday) automatically went nuts. Throughout the whole set, except for Cosmic Sea, the pits were raging like I've rarely seen before; and they were not only violent and crowded, they were fun. It was the perfect way to let all that stress accumulated at school go. The floridian boys got one of the most enthusisatic crowds I've seen this far. Aside from the moshing, there was non-stop headbanging, lyric yelling, general screaming and chants (alternating between "Death" and "Chuck"). After a violent "Baptized in Blood" with Gus from Malevolent Creation on druma and a beautiful, very atmospheric rendition of "Cosmic Sea", the band left the stage and a montage of photos and videos making an overview of Chuck's life and career (except for Control Denied, that was mysteriously omitted). This and the whole show was the most beautiful way one could have thought of honoring his wonderful and groundbreaking works. After this moment of contemplation, the intensity went up to its peak. When they came back to play the classic "Zombie Ritual" from 1987's Scream Bloody Gore, it seemed like everyone unleashed their frustration of seeing such a great musician and person die so young for no reason. The same intensity continued until the grand finale with "Pull the Plug". Everyone had an increadible time (except for one guy who thought he was at Heavy MTL and asked me when the other bands were playing...) and it was even cooler since all the profits of the tour went to Sweet Relief, a foundation for musicians with no health insurance.

Death to All

Flattening of Emotions
Suicide Machine
Left to Die
Spiritual Healing / Within the Mind
Together As One
Baptized in Blood
Cosmic Sea (with bass solo)


Zombie Ritual
Living Monstrosity
Lack of Comprehension


Pull the Plug
8/6 - SubRosa
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