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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
How can you forget about Mickie James? She carried the divison for a long time after Trish and Lita retired. The recent downfall of the divison has a lot to do with losing so many divas in a short period of time. Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Melina and Kelly Kelly have all left over the course of the last two years or so. Losing Eve recently didn't help it either because at least she had a good heel character and actually was pretty solid in the ring. But the main downfall is that Vince stopped caring about the division and so he books it like shit now.

If you do want to see hot women who can work good matches and have some kind of character then watch TNA Impact on thursdays. They give their female performers respect by giving them storylines and allowing them enough time in the ring to put on a good match. That's something that the WWE just doesn't do anymore.
I don't forget her but I don't see her in that "classic" line-up with Molly Holly, Trish, Lita, Victoria and Gail Kim. She came in at the tail-end and my last memories of her were that terrible angle with Michelle McCool and Layla where they called her "Piggy James". She did have one of the the last "great" womens matches in the WWE with Trish at Wrestlemania 22, IMO. If Trish/Lita main-eventing Raw came before that then she did have the last great womens match in the WWE.

She was great but wrestling as a whole soured on me during her peak so that drags her down.
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