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Found out that a good friend of mine died from complications from a heart attack, he was only in his 30's.
He had a heart attack on Friday, and was dead for about 20 minutes, they got him to the hospital and were able to revive him, but since he had been dead for so long he had severe brain damage. I believe it was on Monday that they pulled the plug.

So upsetting, he really was one of the kindest, most caring, and coolest guys ever. He was the President of WADM (Washington's chapter of NYDM) and supported my band SO MUCH. He helped us out with shows and talked us up to a lot of people. We were one of his favorite locals. Not only that, but he also helped me out a lot when I was having some personal issues. Really great guy that will be missed by many

He was also heavily involved with PROTECT, an organization to help out neglected and abused children. Hopefully he is in a better place now.
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