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Transit -- Anaheim, CA -- April 20th, 2013

Havent done one of these in a while so why not! First off, pop punk is awesome and just a fucking blast. I’ve seen Transit and Seahaven both twice on separate occasions so when I saw a Chain Reaction show I said let’s do this. Went with my gf, cousin and his gf. We were all pumped cuz it was sold out and Chain always delivers. On to the gig!

We got there right when Seahaven started so I’m not sure how Young Statues and All Get Out went. The placed was paaacked. Makes sense since they’re a Cali band and last time they played here with TSSF peeps went bat shit crazy. Same tale of the tape here. Stage dive galore and plenty of moshing and swaying. Seahaven just burst through there set with no breaks and didn’t thank the crowd til the end where they also did a cool jam session. Heard Honeybee for the first time live and honestly the song is okay. Lastly, while the music gets the peeps moving Seahaven doesn’t do much live just stand around, singer looks like he’s zoned the fuck out. Hey it was 4/20, could’ve been stoned out of his mind.

Now Transit! First off the placed definitely cleared a bit for Transit, clearly Seahaven was the draw . It still was about 75% full but the peeps who stayed duuug it! Newer Transit is less pop punky but damn is it still catchy and fun to bounce and sing too. The hardcore kids kept the intensity going moshing to the heavier stuff especially Please, Head North and Footwork. When they busted out Long Lost Friends it was just peeps climbing one another including me! Stage diving is sooo fun haha Transit had a ton of energy especially the frontman. They kept dedicating songs to Boston, family, and friends. Gave a nice speech about being proud of who you are and where ya come from. Makes sense due to recent events. Coolest moments include the frontman doing an epic stage dive during Skipping Stone, were he ran leaped off against the wall into the middle of the crowd. Everyone went nuts and sang their ass off! Also they busted out an oldie For the World, good stuff! Overall a great show, second fave of the year behind ETID.

Save Me
It’s Over
Slow Down
Head in the Sand

Nothing Lasts Forever
Long Lost Friends
You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere)
Don't Go, Don't Stray
Listen & Forgive
Please, Head North
For the World
Weathered Souls
All Your Heart
So Long, So Long
Skipping Stone
Young New England
Stays The Same

Seahaven: 8/10
Transit: 9/10

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