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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
So suprising about Terror upstairs. When I saw them at NEMHF 2011 they played upstairs, and it was fucking insane. Probably 2nd most intense performance I've ever been to. They overpacked that room badly, and it had to be 115 degrees. Scott demanded that people start diving off the top of the speaker that hangs sort of over the stage. Within minutes it looked like fuckin D-Day. Person after person started jumping off that damn thing. Some dumbass young chick Swanton Bombed herself off the speaker, problem was, no one caught her and she landed on the back of her head. Out fucking cold. No one stopped moshing. My buddy snatched her up and brought her outside to staff, thankfully she was ok. I then get sucker punched in the face moshing, and the pussy took off. Hurt to chew for about a week! And the crowd didn't stop for the entire performance. There were still divers during the last song. Thank God I had about 6 Stoli O + Sugar Free Monsters before, kept me going.

Very cool review though man, as always. Glad you enjoyed the show. And very good point about why the crowd may have been tame. Biohazard/Blood For Blood/Hatebreed/Terror in 2011. That's a lot o' hardcore right there!
Yup sounds like a legit hardcore show!

Also, nice review Mastodon. DEP is pure violence and chaos live.
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