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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Never leave tickets for an obviously in-demand show until you get home. If they go on sale at 9am, you need to be on that shit at 9am. And even then, if they're doing the shitty VIP and platinum package stuff in the US like they are here, you probably still won't get anything good.
Thanks for the lesson on how to buy concert tickets. After 21 years of going to shows I wasn't sure what I should do

Like I said, I was at work and there was really nothing I could do about getting tickets right when they went on sale at 10am. I underestimated the demand there was for Sabbath. But then again, how many concerts sell out today? Esepcially when we're talking about a metal show. Hardly any of the metal bands who can play arenas or amphitheaters sell out their shows the day tickets go on sale over here. It may be different in the UK though. I honestly did think when I got home at 3 o'clock that afternoon that there would still be something decent left. This is the first time I can recall not being able to get tickets for a show I wanted to go to the day they went on sale.

Oh well, the rest of the dates have yet to be announced so maybe they'll add a second Toronto show or we will get a show down here in either Buffalo or Rochester.
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