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More news about Punk's injuries:

- CM Punk actually has 4 different injuries to his knee at one time. Punk has a lot of pain in his lower leg but not the knee itself, despite the number of injuries. He has a strained ACL and other torn ligaments.

Before the leg injury, Punk was already planning on taking time off after WrestleMania 29 because he was mentally burnt out. Doctors advised him to stay out of the ring at least 6 weeks. He will not be at this Monday’s RAW from England and how soon WWE asks him to return will likely depend on how the ratings are over the next few weeks.

Still doesn't sound too good for him. Weather they rating's slip because of his absence or not, they should keep him off until the PPV in Chicago in a few months. Give him some time to heal up and then he can come back and cut a promo about his future in front of his hometown crowd at the PPV. I wonder if he will have to start wrestling with braces all the time like Austin did. Not good to hear he's got strained and torn ligaments in his knee.