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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
What's funny to me is while yes, Four Horsemen does shit all over Mechnaix, the primary reason that it does is a section of the song they never play live.
I disagree. I like that part, and while I feel it is an important part of the song, it's not the sole reason that it's better than Mechanix. First of all, the lyrics in TFH aren't fucking dumb like the lyrics in Mechanix. Secondly, this is one of those cases where slowing down the music actually makes it heavier. I'm not talking Sad But True styled neutering, but just enough to give it some real groove and headbangability. Thirdly, and this kind of relates to the lyrics as well, but Hetfield was an infinitely better vocalist than Mustaine, even on Kill 'Em All. All that being said, it's hella lame that Metallica has been cutting that section out of TFH live for years.
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