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DEP was easily the best act of the day. Of course I didn't show up until Ensiferum but whatever. I'd never really heard anything by DEP so I was just completely in shock when they started playing. The energy from the crowd and the band was so intense, it was practically an upstairs show on the main stage. Once their set ended, I heard someone say "Well there's no way Opeth's going to top that." In a way they were right.

Now I personally love both the harder and softer songs of Opeth but there were quite a few people around me who were getting pissed at the softer stuff. I can't remember what song it was, but during one of the quieter parts, you could practically hear the crowd talking above the band, which was a fucking shame. Of course the crowd was going wild during the metal parts, but that was to be expected. I personally enjoyed the contrast between songs in the setlist because that's essentially what Opeth is.
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