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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
I had absolutely NO problems of hearing every instrument on Devil You Know.

Put on Vapor Trails or, unfortunately, Death Magnetic... God Is Dead doesn't sound anything like that. And I do like the latter album, thank you.
Cool, neither did I haha. I think The Devil You Know had a fantastic modern production. Sure I'll take Master of Reality over it any day, but for a metal album released in 2009 The Devil You Know kicked all sorts of ass. Tony's tone on The Devil You Know in particular is one of my favorite guitar tones ever. Heavier than TIME.

Vapor Trails and Death Magnetic are both examples of clipping negatively impacting the songs. My opinions on the production quality of an album have literally nothing to do with what I think of the music itself, so please don't think I'm bashing the music on Death Magnetic in any way. I also never said God is Dead suffered from the same issues as Death Magnetic, only that I didn't like the kick sound and that I thought it was just too compressed at times. As far as earbuds playing back the YouTube stream are showing me, I don't hear any clipping, which is great! I like the mix on the album a lot too, everything is audible and Geezer especially takes no effort to pick out without sacrificing Tony's tone.
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