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Originally Posted by Indestructible View Post
I know I was never favored on this board, but you guys still have to do this? Either I post and my comment kills the thread for some reason, or I get this for making a fucking point. Now I know why I stopped commenting on this site. I think I'll stick to that after this. So no one can see how having bands called For The Worse, Dropdead, Wrecking Crew, or Doomriders, would offend some of the victims if they were to attend this or read about this? I am not from Boston. You don't think something as little as band names like this would trigger memories, breakdowns etc of people who went through a traumatic experience? Are people that clueless about how bad something like this fucks up someone for life? I'm just making a logical point. Not like this site really gives a fuck about logic or intelligence, carry on.
Your point simply holds no weight. These are all bands from Boston and the surrounding areas who have come together to raise money for a great cause. Their names do not matter the slightest bit. You're just trying to connect some imaginary dots to make a big deal out of it. These bands and everybody else involved are doing a wonderful thing, and if you didn't notice, they aren't taking a dollar for it. I highly doubt any survivor would object to that, regardless of if they personally approve of the names of any of the bands playing.
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