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Clutch -- Toronto, Ontario -- April 18th, 2013

Venue: The Sound Academy

Crucial Velocity
Book, Saddle and Go
Cyborg Bette
The Mob Goes Wild
DC Sound Attack!
The Soapmakers
Burning Beard
Earth Rocker
Unto the Breach
Subtle Hustle
The Regulator
Gone Cold
The Face
Open Up the Border
Oh, Isabella
Cypress Grove
Electric Worry

Got there for the beginning of Orange Goblin's set, who I've never been a big fan of. Nothing wrong with the band, but I've never seen anything special about them. They played an energetic, competent set.

Clutch came out and fucking owned it. Lots and lots of new stuff and just the right older stuff for my tastes. The crowd erupted for The Mob Goes Wild as it usually does here. Absolutely loved Neil saying "This is from Robot Hive/Exodus", a dude behind me goes "Gravel Road, Burning Beard or 100011", then they bust into Soapmakers and the dude goes 'DERP'... then a drum solo ensues and THEN they play Burning Beard! The new songs sounded fucking great, especially Cyborg Bette and Unto the Breach, and I loved the inclusion of Open Up the Border and Dragonfly. Clutch can really do no wrong though, great stuff.
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