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Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post
I have family that live less than 2 miles from where this all went down! It has been a tense few hours to say the least. Apparently they don't know if this is related to the Marathon bombings, but the news said one of the suspects for the bombings is in custody. There are cops everywhere in that neighborhood. This shit seriously needs to stop.
They've confirmed that they are the marathon bombers. One of the suspects is dead. They are looking for the second (the guy seen in the white hat). They just said that the police are going to start going door to door checking houses for him. It's insane watching this all unfold.

Rundown of the events, for those who have not been following:
  • The two suspects robbed a 7-11 in Cambridge
  • They went to MIT, where they shot and killed a police officer
  • They carjacked a Mercedes
  • Police pursued the vehicle to Watertown
  • The pursuit ended in a shootout, where one suspect was shot and killed and an MBTA police officer was critically wounded
  • Police are currently searching for the other suspect
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