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Fleetwood Mac -- Boston, MA -- April 18th, 2013

Just got in from the show.

I had never seen them and was skeptical, but after reading some good reviews I said "what the hell" and went. I was not disappointed!

But it was a strange experience. As a result of the bombings at the Boston Marathon this week, the TD Garden kept sending out emails this week to be sure to arrive early because of extra security measures. Having the President in town today didn't help any either. There were at least 20 Department of Homeland Security vehicles parked outside the venue, as well as Boston Police Command and SWAT trucks. Several DHS men in full tactical gear and carrying automatic weapons were on hand as well. Not the usual concert experience!

Luckily, the Garden always makes you feel like a criminal entering the venue anyway, so it didn't seem much harder to get inside than usual.

The band was tight, Stevie Nicks' voice is good, as was Lindsey Buckingham's. He was amazing on the guitar - he is one of those criminally underrated guitarists in my opinion.

They said a few words at the beginning of the show regarding the bombings and then another little speech at the end, which they pointed out that they did not want to be "scripted", and urged the city to be strong, and to remember the victims, while a graphic of a single candle burning was on the projection screens. It was nicely done.

The setlist was the same as usual:

1. Second Hand News
2. The Chain
3. Dreams
4. Sad Angel
5. Rhiannon
6. Not That Funny
7. Tusk
8. Sisters of the Moon
9. Sara
10. Big Love
11. Landslide
12. Never Going Back Again
13. Without You
14. Gypsy
15. Eyes of the World
16. Gold Dust Woman
17. I'm So Afraid (w/ insane Lindsey Buckingham solo)
18. Stand Back (Stevie Nicks song)
19. Go Your Own Way

Encore 1:
20. World Turning (w/ Mick Fleetwood drum solo)
21. Don't Stop

Encore 2:
22. Silver Springs
23. Say Goodbye
2/27 Vixen
3/20 John5
3/23 Exp. Hendrix
3/31 J Satriani
4/11 D Gilmour
4/24 Amon Amarth
5/20-22 RockNDerby
8/9 B.Joel
9/29 T.Bozzio
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