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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
My wife sent me an article today that said they plan on releasing a new Star Wars movie every summer, with episodic installments (VII thru IX) one year and stand-alone movies in the alternate years.

I really don't like this, at all. I love Star Wars but it will just get to be so watered down after the first few. There'll be nothing special about it when it becomes something every single May. But, strike while the iron is hot. They can have Jar-Jar Binks be revealed as a Sith lord pulling Palpetines strings and I'll whine, complain, curse, see it three times in theaters and buy the blu-ray.

And it feels wrong to not have Star Wars movies three years apart.
I'm torn a bit on this news. I do agree that it may become watered down with too many movies. Not to mention it can confuse the hell out of the more casual Star War fans because there will be too many stories to keep track of. On the other hand there are so many cool stories and characters from the expanded universe that they can dive deeper into. It's possible they can create some new iconic characters with this as well.

I got my Star Wars figure collecting addiction under control after the marketing for episode 3 had ended. But i'm not sure if I can keep that up if they're gonna be coming out with movies every year since they will have action figures to go with each of them.
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